Jual Printer Mimaki Cutting CG-100-130SRII Dengan Harga Murah

Jual Printer Mimaki Cutting CG-100-130SRII Dengan Harga Murah

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Jual printer mimaki cutting CGFX II dengan harga murah. World standard of multi cutting plotter.

Spesifikasi :

Acceptable sheet width
90-1,250mm (3.54"-49.2")
90-1,550mm (3.54"-61.0")
Effective cutting area *1
1,070mm (42.1")
1,370mm (53.9")
Maximum cutting speed 85 cm/s (33.5"/s) (at the angle of 45)
Adjustable speed range *2 1-10cm/s:1cm step adjustment (0.39"-3.94" /s:0.39" step adjustment)
10-60cm/s 5cm step adjustment (3.94"-23.6" step adjustment)
Repeatability 0.2mm / 2m (Excluding shrinkage / expansion caused by film temperature)
Effective Repeatabilit
1,050mm x 2m
1,350mm x 2m
Pen pressure
Range of down pressure Cutter 10-20g (2g step), 20-100g (5g step), 100-400g (10g step)
Pen 10-20g (2g step), 20-100g (5g step), 100-150g (10g step)
Acceptable sheet *3 Vinyl up to 0.25mm (0.01") thickness,
Fluorescent type vinyl, Reflective sheet
Applicable tools *4 Cutter, Water based ball-point pen,
Oil based ball-point pen, Pouncing tool
Type of command MGL-IIc / Ic1
Interface USB,RS-232C
Receiver buffer size 30MB Standard
Operational environment 5-35°C (41-95 °F), 35-75 %(Rh) Non-condensation
Power requirement AC100 V-240V, 120VA or less
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,435mm (56.5")x580mm (22.8")x1,125mm (44.3") 1,735mm (68.3")x580mm (22.8")x1,125mm (44.3")
Weight (with stands) 38kg (83.8lbs) 44kg (97.0lbs)

All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of the respective owners.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*1: Maximum sheet feeding length for differs depending on the software.
*2: Restricted sheet width.
*3: Provided that the blade specific for fluorescent type vinyl (SPB-0007)
and the blade specific for reflective sheet (SPB-0006) are used.
*4: Thegoods on the market are φ8-φ9.
Noguarantee for with accuracy and image quality.

High Quality & Multifunction Cutting Plotter to Meet Various Cutting Needs.

For vinyl graphics

Stickers, labels, floor and vehicle graphics,

For pre-printed transfer media

for heat transfer of fashionable designs to apparel

For masking film

for painting, spraying and sandblasting

for painting, spraying and sandblasting for heat transfer of fashionable designs to apparel Stickers, labels, floor and vehicle graphics,

New technology that satisfies professional needs

Higher cutting quality with the RSC function [NEW]

The RSC (Real time Stroke Control) function detects blade strokes and automatically corrects the blade force even when media thickness or blade length changes. With this function, more precise cutting is achieved.

Over cut function
The over cut function overlaps the start and end points of the media thus eliminating cut lines that are not completely cut.

Cutting functions that make your job easier

High-speed continuous crop mark detection

An optical sensor enables automatic consecutive detection of crop marks throughout the nested images. Together with the automatic adjustment function, it helps to achieve precise contour cutting.
crop marks
A light pointer easily adjusts the head position to the crop marks.

X and Y axis

By continuously detecting maximum of four points, nested images in both X and Y axis can be cut aligning each image automatically.

"Half cut" Function
With the half cut function, the backing sheet can be cut, leaving a few connection points, which hold the image in place after cutting. When finished the backing sheet can be easily detached.
"Half cut" Function

Die cut and half cut
*The half cut function is Mimaki's proprietary technology

Professional sign making software Fine Cut 7

Fine Cut 7, plug-in cutting software for Illustrator CS3 and CorelDRAW, is included.
It helps to achieve highly sophisticated requirements such as contour cutting, production of cutting data from the graphic data, tiling and nesting.

Fine Cut 7

Easy to operate cutting software Simple Cut
Simple cut, an easy and simple user-friendly cutting software, is also bundled.


Effective cutting area 1,070mm (42.1")


Effective cutting area 1,370mm (53.9")

*Sheet baskets are optional.



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